looking for car shipping? Here are some useful tips by top movers in Dubai

Transporting your vehicle? Here are some useful tips recommended by top movers in Dubai
Moving large objects like vehicles is not an easy process. It involves a lot of paperwork and complex operations. Earlier, when there were not enough options, it used to be very stressful and nerve-racking. People even used to consider driving their vehicles across cities or countries. Fortunately, today there are some good companies that take care of this for you. Here is some important advice by movers and packers in Dubai to help make your moving experience hassle-free:

  • Do full research for moving companies. There are many moving companies around the world and picking the right one can be tricky. After all, it is a matter of expensive vehicles. Search the web for moving companies or consult your friends or family members who have moved in the recent past. Short-list the names and search the web for customer reviews and testimonials on those companies. Check for each company’s policy and certification. Also, it is important to compare prices. Find the right balance in all these criteria and choose wisely.
  • Pick the right date. Choosing the correct date is very important. It’s a smart idea to choose a date later than your own date of arrival so that you’re present to receive your vehicle. But, at the same time, it should be soon so that you don’t have to wait long. Consult the moving company and ask how many days it is going to take to reach from point A to point B. Check the number of days taken till arrival and decide accordingly.
  • Make sure your vehicle is insured. Check for information with your insurance company so that you’re prepared for everything, including potential theft of your vehicle, or any damages caused during transportation. Take advice from your insurance agent if you need to sign any extra paperwork or provide special information to the insurance company about your move.
  • Inform the moving company of any special requests or additional details. The job of the movers is to basically package, load, move and unload your vehicle. But, like many people, you may have special needs or requests pertaining to the handling of your vehicle.
  • Empty your vehicle. Most moving companies have it in their policies and contracts that they are not responsible for the loss of any possessions. Also, unless negotiated beforehand, stuffing the car with possessions adds to the weight of the packaging. This can result in extra costs or potential safety issues. It is also advisable to empty the vehicle from all the diesel/ petrol/ gas before shipping. Some moving companies have a strict policy about this, mainly for safety reasons as diesel/ petrol/ gas are highly inflammable.
  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly after arrival. A lot can happen on the lengthy move, so your presence is important when the moving company delivers the vehicle. Keep an eye out during the unloading of the car and inspect it from bottom to top. Check for any signs of mishandling. Ideally, the driver should also be carrying a copy of the contract for you to sign. Before signing off on its condition, make sure the condition is as good as it was when you saw it last.

There are many leading moving companies in Dubai and around the world. Many of them offer the best packaging quality and seamless relocation assurance, all with a promise of full safety. They have a well-trained and professional staff which is capable of handling all the complexities of local and international relocation. They are capable of making it trouble-free and comfortable for you.
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