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International Relocation

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International Relocation Abu Dhabi


Moving abroad?

“It doesn’t have to be a burden”.

If you decide to do it yourself you have to be ready for a complex set of challenges in international packing and moving from state to state.OR you can choose to make your international move an exciting adventure! By relying on one of the specialized companies in international Relocation.

JNT CARGO is one of the best big names of moving services companies in UAE and around the globe.

JNT CARGO has a professional movers and Packers teams to cover all our customers moving need's in over 165 different countries around the world. Specialize in international belongings packing and shipping, overseas removals and settling.

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International Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

  • Once you have decided to arrange a date, our international movers and packers consultant team will meet you to discuss your moving requirements and your personal timing.

“All your moving requirements will be addressed in one meeting.”

  • We will explain all our moving service options, estimate shipment weight, and accurately determine the total cost.
  • After you Get a Quote, our specialized team will prepare your moving plan and send you a booking confirmation with all the process and key details.
  • When your moving date comes, our team will be there to pack all your belongings and household items efficient in the boxes And upload them carefully on their trucks." We provide packing process from A To Z".
  • We will keep you informed of details and track your shipment every step of the way.
  • Our moving experts will cover all physical handling, inspection, and loading of your cargo.
  • After your package arrived its destination country and pending customs inspection. We will deliver it directly to your new home.
  • Our team will help you to hurry the unpacking process in your new home, Reassemble any items they disassembled before moving and placing the furniture in the correct rooms.In addition to removing the used packing materials and moving supplies so they don’t bother you at your new home.

With many years of years of experience as an international moving company, you can be sure that JNT CARGO Abu Dhabi has the most professional ways that will make your international move go smoothly.

What can you expect from JNT CARGO Abu Dhabi?

  • Pre-move consultation
  • In-home survey.
  • Selling, Buying or even renting your house
  • Ending all international procedures and licenses.
  • Packing and shipping services.>
  • Vehicles Relocation services.
  • Moving any type of cargo
  • A variety of transportation choices “Air, Sea or Road”.
  • Shipment protection and Storage services.
  • Customs clearance on arrival.
  • Delivery and unpacking.
  • Removals and settling.

International Relocation Abu Dhabi is not just an ordinary moving, it has more of a stress, time and money involved.

With affordable prices, special care to our customers and many options that will suit your needs and budget, JNT CARGO will make your international Relocation more joyful, smoother and stress-free. Get Your Free Quote Today.